Real Jam was an amazing bull for us!  He was a well-mannered, big bodied, black tipped horn bull who consistently threw extreme color with wild alelle markings to his offspring. We believe good cows are the key to top producing programs. Elite bulls seldom come from mediocre dams. Real Jam was with his dam when she won All-Age Grand Champion Female at the 2016 ITLA Championship show in Texas. She won double bronzes at the Horn Showcase as well.

By top quality females that produce!!!   Real Jam brought the monster genetic package of 83" T2T Jet Black Chex (One of the widest tip-to-tip, most recognized, and most used black bulls in the Longhorn industry) and Jam Packed (At 94" T2T she's one of the best producers of young big bodied, big horned bulls in the Longhorn industry). Together, they’ve created a bull that truly has it all, and the results and progeny don't lie.