DOB: 6/21/2016  |  JET BLACK CHEX 794 x JAM PACKED

Real Jam is a well mannered, big bodied, black tipped horn bull who consistently throws extreme color with wild alelle markings to his offspring. We believe as many do that good cows are the key to top producing programs.  Elite bulls seldom come from trashy dams. Real Jam was with his dam as she won All Age Grand Champion Female at the 2016 ITLA Championship show in Texas, also winning double bronzes at the Horn Showcase.

Why does that matter? Real Jam brings the monster genetic package of 83" T2T Jet Black Chex (One of thee widest tip-to-tip, most recognized, and most used black bulls in the Longhorn industry) and Jam Packed (At 94" T2T she's one of the best producers of young big bodied, big horned bulls in the Longhorn industry) together they created a bull that truly brings it all.  The results and progeny don't lie.

Our Junior herd sire (
Mad Dog) was sired by DCC's Spokesman and we are excited to watch him grow and develop.
Mad Dog is servicing a nice group of heifers now so we'll be able to see what his progeny look like in 2022.

We have one aim, that is to produce cattle that conform and show well, have a great disposition, grow good horn, and ultimately cut well at the butcher shop. We are not fly by night, the Dozer family has been farming on Valley View Farm, just outside Roseville, Ohio since 1863. We got our start with longhorns when we purchased Kimberly's father Richard "Dick" Mill's herd after he passed away.

Want to change your herd?  We are open to offering a partnership/seasonal lease on Real Jam.

We are sold out this year but if you are interested in purchasing grass-fed beef don't hesitate to contact us and get on the list for Fall 2023.