Why Longhorn Beef?

**Available Now**
Hamburger (patties) - $9.00 per pound
Roasts - $7.50 per pound
Hamburger (bulk) - $7.50 per pound

Red meat can be part of a healthy diet thanks to Texas Longhorns!  Longhorn is leaner than other breeds, and is lower in saturated fats.  Longhorn has less cholesterol and calories than white meat.  Beef is the best source of protein, zinc, and vitamin B12 and is the third best source of iron in the food supply.  Beef is also a good source of selenium, which may reduce the risk of heart disease and certain type of cancer (such as prostate) as well as enhance the body's ability to fight infections. Health conscious consumers are constantly looking for better alternatives than store cut meat. The old days of home butchering and small butcher shops where the beef producers saw every step of the process are long gone.

Now you buy meat at grocery stores, they don’t know where it comes from, unaware of the animal health, unaware of the care taken to produce the food you put on their family’s table. What are they most concerned about?  Making money.

At Dozer Longhorns we offer the opportunity to bring you back to the days of local homegrown grass fed beef.  We use no growth hormones or steroids!  We raise our cattle in SouthEastern Ohio in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Muskingum County, Ohio.  Our family farm was settled in 1863.  We raise our grass fed Longhorns to the perfect age for tenderness and flavor.  We are a State inspected meat storage facility.

We sell half and whole beef when available. We also have hamburger and other items in USDA labeled packages available for purchase processed by Phillips Meats in Zanesville.  Call for us for availability. Thank you for supporting local farmers and buying local!

How to buy our grass fed Longhorn beef
In person- contact us to see where we will be selling our beef.

Placing your order- Contact us for reserving a half or whole beef.  Reserving your beef will be on a first come first serve basis, you will need to put down a $100 deposit that is credited to your final payment. We have butcher dates set up every two months. Once we take the animal to the butcher it takes roughly 14 days until the beef is ready to be cut, wrapped, and frozen. Phillips Meats in Zanesville is who we use to process our meat. 

Here is our process:  We haul the animal in to get butchered.  The next day Phillips gives us the hanging weight of your beef (1/2, or whole) and you pay Dozer Longhorns LLC.  We accept cash, cashiers check, venmo, or personal check.  Once you have paid you will contact Phillips directly to select how you want your meat cut.  Phillips will contact you to let you know your beef is ready.  You will pick up the meat at Phillips and pay for your processing at that time.  Cutting us out of that communication loop allows for less confusion.  Again, you will pay Phillips for your butchering cost. Phillips accepts cash and credit cards.

Retail- We are looking for locations to market our beef.  Ask for our beef at your local meat store. 

Reserve your beef now by calling Derek Dozer at (740)819-8231 or email at derekjdozer@gmail.com

Dozer Longhorn Beef Pricing
Whole or half beef

$4 per pound hanging weight for a whole
$5.00 per pound hanging weight for a half

1/2 beef- Will likely yield approximately 130-300lbs
Whole beef- Will likely yield approximately 300-600lbs
*Please note, the hanging weight and the approximate yield weight are not the same.
During the butchering process the animals are de-boned.

Nutritional Facts
Longhorn is known as "the other red meat", much healthier for you and your family than the beef you buy at the grocery store.  The beef tests lower in cholesterol and higher in protein, also higher in vitamin A, CLAs and Omega 3 fatty acids, all crucial in reducing cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure.  If you eat beef, eat longhorn!

  • Does Longhorn taste different? Yes, it's much leaner than Angus beef.  Longhorn is very comparable to venison.  Much of the fat on a longhorn is what is called trim fat, and there really isn't much of that either. Longhorn is incredibly lean.  You can select to have Phillips add fat to your burger if you choose to.
  • How should I prepare it? Check out our cooking tips section below. With it being as lean as it is it's a common problem for people to OVERCOOK it. 
  • Why is Longhorn beef not more available? There are a couple simple economics reasons. 1) If you look at the markets, all beef breeds end with the outcome of meat on the table. All but Longhorns that is. While the Longhorn beef is extremely healthy and delicious the butchering side of the Longhorn market is usually the last market we as producers try to touch. Our cattle are more profitable selling as seed stock to raise cattle for other programs. Our bulls and our steers are typically the only ones who become delicious heart healthy Longhorn beef.  Roughly 30% of longhorns are actually butchered compared to a much higher percentage of other beef breeds. 2) Longhorns do not gain weight as fast as the other beef breeds. Because of that they simply don't produce the pounds per head. Even though the meat is much healthier very few ranchers are willing to take the pay cut to raise Longhorns.
  • Why should I buy local grass fed Longhorn? 1) It's the healthiest red meat you'll find. 2) It's all grass fed with zero growth hormones or steroids added. 3) You know exactly what you're getting. How do you know the beef you buy in the grocery store is Angus which it claims?  The quality of Longhorn hamburger consists of some of the best parts of the cow where the quality of much of the grocery store hamburger you'll find consists of random scrap cuts they grind.
  • Will you ship out of state? No
  • Is your beef organic? No, we are not certified organic as per the government's requirement.  However, we do not use pesticides on our pastures, we finish our animals on an all natural grass and hay diet unless requested otherwise by our customers.

Cooking Tips
The one thing about Longhorn beef is it is much leaner than Angus. Because of that cooking windows are much shorter than with an Angus/store bought steak.  The most common problem we hear about is folks OVER cooking longhorn and you'll hear them say "longhorn is tough." Well, that's because they've over cooked it.  The best aged steak in the world is tough if you cook it wrong.
Here are some simple cooking tips:

  1. Your Longhorn will cook 30-50% faster than Angus/store bought beef.
  2. You will prefer to eat your meat a little bit rarer than you are used to. What we mean is that you may look at it and say 'oh that's red, I like it pink'. Go ahead and try it red. You'll be surprised, if you cook it pink it'll probably taste a bit more done than you're use to. 
  3. Medium and well done are not going to be the best way to prepare your longhorn. Medium rare, or a light pink, is the most 'done' we recommend cooking your longhorn. 
  4. Hamburgers, if you cook them as long as you're use to, will be dry and crumbly.  Remember, as stated above there's not a lot of fat in them to insulate and increase the cooking time.  Our burgers do not shrink on the grill and there'll be little to no grease in the pan.
  5. Grass fed longhorn should either be cooked hot and fast or low and slow.